Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Organization Challenge: The Master Bedroom

Guess what day it is.... Guess what day it issssss!
I'd like to say it's Sunday, but it is in fact Hump Day! A happy realization that we're already half way through the week, and a sad moment knowing that I missed my bedroom organization challenge by 3 days. Thanks to a 3-day long migraine that put me on my booty last week accompanied with a research essay paper, I unfortunately missed my deadline for my 4th space in 4 weeks. Booooo. I'm sorry, friends. Thanks for hanging in there with me and being patient.

I'll try to stop there and not go on and on about how this is picking at my soul and that we were SO CLOSE.... instead, let's just get right into it. I will say that this has been the most challenging transformation so far while trying to keep it on the frugal side. You remember what we were working with, right?! Here... let me remind you of my stuck-in-the-80's rental bedroom.

Bleh. Totally ugly, boring, and outdated. I mean, the wall AC... really?! And those shutters? Who thinks these kind of things are ever a good idea? I'd like to meet with them and have a little chat. And then there was the case of not being outdated, but a highly unorganized dresser and vanity area that looked like a bomb went off after setting everything on it during the move.

Obviously this space needed quite a bit of help.
In the quick turn around of a week, I wasn't able to make all of the adjustments I would have liked (painting the dressers, adding new hardware, going all out on the décor with fresh flowers everywhere and fairy lighting strips... you get it). But, I can say that the changes that have been made so far have made me no less than THRILLED.

So much better, right?! I wish the lighting wasn't so horrid in the room... we will work on that.

I was able to hang these Rivta Ikea curtains from the ceiling and back them with the pretty white lace to add a little oomph to the boringness, as well as cover the hideous wall unit.

I sadly haven't had a bedframe for a year. Like, at all. So I purchased a beautiful white queen bed and had it shipped straight from the store. I topped it with the navy blue, white and grey comforter set I bought from Macy's last Spring around Memorial Day. I feel like such a big girl now!

I searched around the home for décor that I already had on hand to place on top of my Hemnes nightstands to add a little beauty. Trying to stay frugal can be quite the challenge when wanting to update your home... use what you have when you can! That's my motto.

Moving to the organizational aspect, I took a look at what was going on inside of my closet. Not too thrilling. But you remember the closet baskets I added labels to for the shelves?

I wanted to add to the closet organization and decided to create my own clothing dividers to help my closet searches even more. I love now being able to slide the closet doors open and easily pick out what I am looking for. We're going to have a more in-depth post on that tomorrow where I show you how to make your own!
Next in the big picture... that dresser! It was time to take it from drab...

To Fab!

The TV was moved onto the smaller dresser piece and centered under a teal painting I have had for years. I wish I could tell you where it came from originally, but it's been handed down through the siblings and family for years. I'm ecstatic to put it to use once more.

All of the junk was taken off and put into a new home. The lotions went into the hall closet in their neatly labels baskets. The acrylic makeup stand was moved on the tall dresser next to the Ikea planters I use for my lip products and makeup brushes. The space wouldn't be complete without a few family photos to go with it.

To add some prettiness next to the TV, I found a new home for my favorite owl piece and 2 of my favorite grab-and-browse books... Yes, Please!

Overall I am happy with the changes and updates all while trying not to empty the bank (we will be having a budgeting and savings post soon for anyone not currently prepping for their future). I do still find it difficult to make the updates and changes that I would like to make without doing anything permanent to the rental unit. But I am a happy little clam with the journey we've made so far!

Thank you to all of you that followed me on the four week challenge... how did you do? What was your biggest organizing challenge? And lastly.... are you still on track with those new years resolutions?! I fear many may have tapered off now that we've hit February. Keep up the good work, you pretty little organizers! I'm off to get started on my next essay.... joy.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

January Organization Challenge: The Kitchen

Happy Sunday!
Whew! It has been quite the week of running around, school essays, long working days, and organizing the third of our four spaces... the kitchen! It was no easy feat getting things in order and how I wanted them to be, but I am excited to say that we did it! One more organized space to check off of our list before we hit our final location next week in the master bedroom! I'm so excited about this, we will get right to it...

This will be a somewhat-straightforward and somewhat-detailed post all at once, as we have had a few updates with the progress to certain sections of the kitchen throughout the week. The first update we made was to the coffee and tea cabinet, which previously held my dinner plates and random items that didn't belong.

This cabinet is still my favorite and brings me tons of joy every time I open it up in the early morning hours. While it is my favorite, it didn't start out needing the most work. That award went hands down to under the kitchen sink...

I've been so thrilled to actually find things under here! No more scattered grocery bags. No more empty candle jars. Just neat and tidy drawers and a little cleaning love.

Shortly after that disaster of a sink area, I graciously set out to do something about my seriously lacking fridge. It had little oomph, little pizazz, and little comfort as I opened it on a daily basis. And now I am a happy little camper putting in my weekly groceries into their neatly nestled homes!

Continuing on with my love of food, I am more than a little bit excited to show you what today's project was... my pantry! It started out as a less than stellar area, like everything else I seem to be showing you...

No semblance of happiness whatsoever, am I right?! First thing as always was to clear the pantry completely out and see what we are working with. Instead of a free and clean space, I found stained a disgusting contact paper lining.

I was a little more than disturbed about this, mostly because those stains aren't mine! Who knows how long the lining has been in there and how many tenants have been using it prior to my move in. Needless to say... it needed to go. I replaced it with my recently favorite navy blue wrapping paper.

I apologize for the poor lighting... I was working with low light levels and did the best I could with what I had on hand.

I spent a lot of time this week looking for acrylic containers for my beloved pantry. Between a few home goods stores (have you checked out your local Ross stores?! TJ Max also works but I have found them to be a bit more expensive) and my local Target, I was able to come up with the perfect amount of bins in the perfect sizes!

They matched perfectly from my plastic containers purchased at Walmart a few years back, which now hold my random goodies like my pancake mix, oatmeal, protein powder, and smoothie greens!


I quickly threw on a pack of chalkboard labels I had on hand, and went to town creating a perfect little nook for each section of my pantry. Snacks, Granola Bars, Chips, Pretzels and Crackers, Bread, Condiments, Grains, and Sweet Treats.... Yum!

The second shelf up hold all of my canned goods and sauces. Yes... I have a lot of refried beans. I bought them in bulk a while back at Costco. It is what it is.... bean and cheese burritos for days!

The bottom and final shelf holds my baking supplies, which is opposite of a stackable wire basket that perfectly holds my produce that doesn't get refrigerated. I'm in love!

Taking a quick peak back at what we had makes me even happier with today's work...

The final places to tackle were simple to end the week of kitchen pride. My corner cabinet had too become a dumping ground...

I showed it some love by adding in two lazy susans and removing all of the un-needed junk,

The everyday dishes were moved to the cabinet next to the microwave, as were my daily cups. On the top shelf I moved my less used item... the toaster. I don't like a lot of counter clutter, so this was the perfect solution.

When all was said and done, the counters got a quick wipe down and I sat back and enjoyed my beautiful, new and improved kitchen.

Are you still with me?! Did you make it through all of that?! That was a lot! Thanks for hanging in there friends. I am going to sleep with a happy little heart. What was your favorite update to the kitchen? It;s so hard to pick just one!

See you soon for our fourth and final organization challenge space... THE BEDROOM! It's going to be tough work for sure...